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'Welcome to Bluff City: Flickering neon reflecting off the waves, slot machine ring, boardwalk hustle, booming laughs from the corner spot.

Bluff City: Home of the lucky and their poor families too. A revving engine, the sounding of a harbour bell, a familiar wind, a gunshot round the way, the din of the casino floor, a bad plan misheard, America's favourite fling.

Bluff City: the light of a cigarette, the shape of a body or two, the red and blues of a patrol car and money man, money. They say there's a thousand highways you can take to reach this town, but there ain't no train to Bluff City.

One of them towns where there's a tale behind every hand of cards, a lie for every truth, a side gig for every payday.

- Bluff City, Episode 1 opening naration

What Is Bluff City?[]

Bluff City is a Patreon-exclusive season of Friends at the Table. It can be found at The first season has been made public, and can be found here.

All non-publicly available episodes are detailed with the permission of Friends at the Table (thank you table friends!).


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